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International Society for New Institutional Economics
(soon to be renamed The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics, SIOE)

Call for papers ISNIE 2015

ISNIE 2015, the 19th Annual Conference of the International Society for New Institutional Economics
will be held at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, USA, on June 18-20, 2015.
The call for papers is open

Calls for applications

The Ronald Coase Institute
Hong Kong Workshop on Institutional Analysis
May 10-16, 2015 Hong Kong, China
Co-sponsored by The Ronald Coase Centre for Property Rights Research,
The University of Hong Kong
Apply by January 31, 2015 - application form.

Ronald Coase, 1910-2013

Coase Institute

ISNIE is sorry to report that Ronald Coase, one of ISNIE's founders, passed away on Monday September 2nd at the age of 102.

Professor Coase, honored with the Nobel Prize in 1991, was not only a scholar important to all economists, but one that changed the rules of the game. Economic science owes the question of whether and why institutions and organizations matters to him and for this reason he received praise and recognition over his long career. The fact that his central contributions relied upon in depth analysis of how actual governance mechanisms are built and dealt with by economic agents is also an important element of his intellectual legacy.
Beyond his intellectual mark, the ISNIE community benefited more specifically from his institutional leadership in establishing our organization.
For these reasons, we are indebted to Professor Coase as both a scholar and an entrepreneur.

Ronald Coase speech to ISNIE: The Task of the Society
Opening Address to the Annual Conference,
International Society of New Institutional Economics
Washington, DC, USA
September 17, 1999